TideSlide Mooring Systems- Solid SS tidal mooring products for any boats or docks- 1(800)780-6094

TideSlide® Systems are tested and proven to meet the rigorous standards
of the United States Navy Heavy Weather Mooring Standards.

TideSlide® Systems are offered in sizes & lengths for every boat and dock
and TideSlides® do NOT need to line up with your cleats.

TideSlide® Systems are Insurer Approved

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• Works on any tie-up- Slip or One side

• Does NOT need to line up with cleat

• Solid 316L Grade Stainless Steel

• Absolutely NO Maintenance

• Tie-up securely and tightly

• Proudly made in USA

• No more slack lines

• Adjusts automatically

• Easy in & out line handling 

•Tested and Proven to meet the rigorous standards of the US Navy Heavy Weather Mooring Codes

• Patented
Pictured above is a 55' Boat on a 2 point One side tie-up.
TideSlides allows this boat to tie-up port or starboard and do
NOT have to line up with your cleats.
Pictured left is the TideSlide® Floating Dock Attachment System securing a JetSki in the Bahamas!
Pictured above is Staten Island Yacht Sales and Marina, Staten Island, NY The entire marina was rebuilt with TideSlides® after the devestation of Hurricane Sandy!

TideSlide® Bolt-On Dock Attachment System
Pictured left is a Rampage Yacht using a typical 4 point tie-up with YS Series TideSlides®. This vessel was prepped for Harvey and Irma and ready for action.

Capn John said, "TideSlides® performed without a hitch."

TideSlide® Dock Attachment Systems provide 4 dimensional adjustment and secure attachment of your floating docks.

1(800)780-6094 N. America - +1 989 695 2646 Worldwide

Watch Hurricane Irma Video
TideSlide® System during Hurricane Irma in S. Florida during height of storm 90-110 mph winds!
57' Jefferson Pilot House

TideSlide® in a South Florida Storm side tie up with 2 YS Series TideSlides.

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