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• Works on any tie-up- Slip or One side

• Does NOT need to line up with cleat

• Solid 316L Grade Stainless Steel

• Absolutely NO Maintenance

• Tie-up securely and tightly

• Proudly made in USA

• No more slack lines

• Adjusts automatically

• Easy in & out line handling 

•Tested and Proven to meet the rigorous standards of the US Navy Heavy Weather Mooring Codes

TideSlide offers complete TideSlide Dock Attachment Systems or retrofit brackets for existing TideSlide Systems as shown below
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Super Strong
3-Dimensional Movement
Easy to Install
Quick Release
Solid 316 Grade SS
TideSlide Dock Attachment Systems are offered in a variety of sizes for any docks and bolt on for wood or aluminum docks of bolt on for cube style or EZ Docks

TideSlide DockBlock Cube dock attachment system close view above and full view right.

TideSlide DockBlock dock attachment system includes a multicube gang bar to improve strength and dock stability.

TideSlide DockBlock dock attachment system keeps the dock secure and free to move in all dimensions.

TideSlide Dock Attachment systems reduce the stress and wear & tear on any floating dock; wood, concrete or polymer.

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