Determining the best length for your TideSlide

Determining the best length for your TideSlide application is actually quite simple.
One side tie-ups or slips, follow the direction below.

The TideSlide System relates to the gunnel or cleat line of your boat, NOT the water line.
Follow these easy steps to find the best length for your boat:

(1) At Normal Low Tide, go straight across from your cleat or gunnel on the boat to an adjacent piling then measure down 12"-18", generally, this will be the bottom of the TideSlide. Keep in mind if your area experiences very low or very high tides at particular times of the year, i.e. Spring and Fall King tides.

(2) What is your average Yearly tides including Spring or Fall tides? Use the maximum swing, not just the daily tide. For example, Ft. Lauderdale, FL has about 3 feet of daily tide but in the Spring and Fall they experience 5-6 feet of extreme lunar tides.

(3) Once you have located the bottom position of the TideSlide, at least 1 foot below the low tide point of the cleat and you have figured the average yearly tide in your area, you are ready to determine the TideSlide series size. A very simple way to calculate the length is to take your average yearly tide, say 3 feet and double the length to 6 feet. This is the general minimum length you should use.

(4) What is the wet weight of your boat? Dry weight + fuel + water + gear = wet weight. Most boats, under 50 feet, add 4,000-6,000 lbs in fuel, water & gear to the dry weight.

For example: 40 foot long SeaRay weighing 30,000 lbs would use the Yacht Class or YS Series TideSlide and in Ft Lauderdale with the average yearly tide of 5 feet, you would want to use the YS-72 (6 feet long) TideSlide for the weight and tide in your area.

You can always contact a TideSlide representative, who will be happy to assist you determining the correct TideSlide System for your application! Click here to contact us!
Pictured below right is a 2 point One side tie-up.
70% of TideSlide installations are One side,
allowing boats to tie-up port or starboard.
TideSlides do NOT have to line up with your cleats.
• Completely Self-Adjusting 

• Super Strong and Low profile

• Absolutely NO Maintenance

• Tie-up securely and tightly

• No more criss-cross lines or slack lines

• Easy in & out line handling 

Designed using the US Navy Heavy Weather Mooring Standards
You position your boat where you want it in the slip.

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