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You might be surprised to find that 70% of TideSlide installations are for boats
just like the one pictured below, one side only.
TideSlides use the principles of physics, called hydro-dynamic pressure,
to hold your boat safely and securely in place without whips or blow up fenders.
This principle is what makes your boat float in the first place,
the pressure from the water wants to push your boat away from other objects and masses,
such as your dock or seawall.
By using TideSlides, and holding the boat very close to the dock,
you eliminate inertial momentum that can be generated with slack lines and mooring whips.
With TideSlides, the boat is free to float with waves, winds and tides,
but tight lines do not allow the boat to bang against
the dock or pilings or generate excess movement or momentum that can cause damgae.


You need never worry about your boat again, as it floats safely and securely, just inches, from the dock. Easier tie-up and safer boarding are just a couple of the advantages of TideSlides.

Your boat will literally float right next to
your dock or seawall, and the more
the wind blows or the waves pound, the more
pressure is exerted from the opposite or opposing
side and the boat will stay right in place.