TS TideSlide® Floating Cube Dock Attachment System 5-7ft

TS TideSlide® Floating Cube Dock Attachment System 5-7ft
    Code: TSEZD-5-7
    Price: $709.00
    Shipping Weight: 45.00 pounds
    Quantity in Basket: None
    TideSlide® Floating Dock Attachment System for Cube Style Docks including DockBlocks, JetDock, CanDock, EasyDock, etc - 1" Diameter x 5ft-7ft long 316SS shaft includes (3) Cube Gang Bar Stabilizing Dock Bracket and all Installation & Mounting Hardware.
    Options for (4) Cube (+$100) and (5) Cube Gang Bars (+$200) as well.  Gang Bars help immensely with stabilizing the flex of the cube style docks.   Standard Shipping included, extra length and residential delivery will incur Carrier Imposed Surcharges.
    Choose from 3 (included), 4 (+$100) or 5 (+$200) Cube Gang Bars with the Brackets to increase cube attachment points and flex & stablility.  TS Series (1" shaft) will moor docks up to 10'x20', approx. 12,000lbs of mass. 
    Move up to next class for bigger areas or docks with boats moored to or on the dock.
    We will contact you to confirm use and mounting prior to Fabrication and shipment.  Lead time is approximately 2-5 weeks.

    3 CUBE GANG BAR- No Extra Charge
    4 CUBE GANG BAR- $100.00 extra
    5 CUBE GANG BAR- $200.00 extra
    CHOOSE TideSlide® Length:
    5 Feet Long Shaft- No Extra Charge
    6 Feet Long Shaft- $30.00 extra
    7 Feet Long Shaft- $60.00 extra