Frequently Asked Questions

This page will try to answer questions that many of you might have and questions that we have heard before.  If you have a specific question we don't cover here, please contact us so we can help!
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Are TideSlides hard to install?
Where do I mount TideSlides on my dock?
No, TideSlides are relatively easy to install.  The units are either lag bolted or thru bolted to the side of your pole or piling.  The side mounting makes for easier access and, in most cases, TideSlides are easier to mount than a conventional cleat and 10 times stronger.

TideSlides are mounted on the "side" of the dock pole, out of the mooring area. To the left, is shown an example of how the unit is mounted.  This eliminates the chance of bumping into it while docking and does not take up space in the slip.  Because TideSlides rotate on the solid 316 SS shaft, you can use them for different boats in the same slip, too.  Don't forget! because you don't have slack lines its easier than ever to tie up!

Will this work on my dock? Are TideSlides strong enough to hold my boat?
TideSlides will work on virtually any dock.  From side tie-ups, using only two units on one side, to three point tying, all four corners, and more. We will assist you in determining the best positioning for the most benefit. TideSlides are the most flexible and easy to use dedicated mooring system available. TideSlides are the strongest system available and are offered in a wide variety of duty ratings to accommodate any size boats. From our Heavy Duty Class for boats to 30 feet and 12000# with a solid 1" diameter 316 stainless steel shaft to the Heavy Yacht Class with a 2" solid 316 SS shaft for yachts to 125,000# and up. TideSlides are offered in shaft diameters from 1" to 20" for any size watercraft. 
TideSlides have provided the safest proven tie-up over the last 175 named storms, with no catastrophic losses.
What are TideSlides made of? How long should my TideSlides be?
TideSlides are constructed of the finest materials available, solid 316L stainless steel and 100% UV stabilized Polymer plastics.  We even go as far as machining the mooring blocks from solid pieces of extra specially formulated and UV treated UHMW, not injection molding for even greater strength!  TideSlides are made to stand up to many years of hard use.

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TideSlides are offered in standard lengths from 4 to 20 feet long and  custom lengths are always available.  Keep the following keys in mind while determining TideSlide length.

First:  What is the average tidal movement in my area?

Second:  What are the tidal extremes we typically experience?

Based on these two basic rules of thumb, we can estimate a reasonable average length for your application. 

Example:   Your average tidal flow is 3 feet, but on full moon and other extreme days you experience 1.5 foot negative and 1 foot positive tide.  In this case, we would recommend a 5-8 foot long TideSlide.